Ricardo Yui is a Peruvian-born Visual Artist and Filmmaker living and working between Lima (PE) and Amsterdam (NL). He studied at Centro de la Imagen (PE/2004), and École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles ENSP (FR/2013) from which Ricardo holds the Master of Arts degree.

After eleven years of intensive photographic work, in 2014, Ricardo turned the whole of his practice towards the moving image ; producing, writing and directing five short films: Entropía Limeña (2014), Continuidad (2017), Orthodoxie et Orthopraxie (2018), It Never Pours but It Rains (2019) and Das Neue Athen (2020).

His work has been presented by institutions such as Itaú Cultural, Musée du Quai Branly, CentroCentro, ICPNA, Instituto Cervantes NYC and Casa de América ; as well as shown in exhibitions, film screenings and art festivals in Lima, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, New York, Seoul, Guatemala City, Lishui, Jerusalem, Amsterdam, Madrid, Landskrona, Berlin, Arles and Paris. As well as has been shortlisted in art prizes such as LE BAL Jeunes Talents (FR/2012), the 6th Photobook Award of the RM Editions (ES-MX/2016), and two editions of the ICPNA Contemporary Art Prize (PE/2018-2020). His film Continuidad won the Short Films Award by the Peruvian Film Fund (DAFO) in 2018.

His projects and films have been co-produced and supported by institutions such as: Institut Français (FR/2008), CulturesFrance (FR/2008), CentroCentro (ES/2014), DAFO (PE/2018-2020), and the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst AFK (NL/2017). This last one made possible that the Dutch film-artist Aernout Mik advises Ricardo as a Mentor for two years.

Nowadays, Ricardo works on the development of his first feature film, Devenir, which recently has been selected by the 8th International Script Lab LabGuion Medellín (CO/2020), and has won the Award for feature film production by the Peruvian Film Fund (DAFO/2020).

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LA COSTA VERDE photo series


During the decline of the West, the Mother Culture lost the control of its own destiny. Yorgos is a Greek homeless man stuck in a monotone life, when a trip to the old ruins wakes him up. After finding some pieces of the broken Europe on his way back, he set the fire to offer a second chance.

Das Neue Athen (The New Athens) is a fictionalised document which tells a story of second chances and redemption. Following the so-called Greek debt crisis and its consequences since the early 2010's, I decided to make this film as a possible answer to the Present time, in which the European Project seems to be in a clear decline. This film is political in its particular way. Not from explaining the necropolitical agenda of the neoliberals, nor their punishment methods; but by constructing a plot in which the character (a homeless person), the title (in German language) and the coins (the Euro as a currency), are all of them clues to imagine the reason related to the very last defeat.

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Teaser 2 min. Full version on request.
2020, video, HDV, 2:35, color, sound, 12 min.


Cesar drowned, he doesn't know it. A geometric form in the centre of the city is the starting point of a path leading to improbable places. Cesar must find a new place in the World.

Continuidad (Continuity) is a short film about death and redemption in which, through a spiritual journey, the character experiences the center and the periphery of the city as if both places would be mutually contained by each other.

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Teaser 1 min. Full version on request.
Video-installation, 233 x 233 x 233 cm.
2017, DCP 2K, 16:9, color, sound, 10 min.
Produced by RXYX.


Faust wants to develop the city. Theodor is looking to govern the territory. They both have a different vision, but non of them will stop until turn everything on ruins. To destroy and smash is the path to make dreams come true.

Orthodoxie et Orthopraxie is a short film in which the act of destruction is simultaneously seen as a gesture of modernisation and war. The violent demolition of a house in Lima is set as a scale evoking the renovation of the whole city.

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Teaser 2 min. Full version on request.
2018, video, DCP 2K, 4:3, color, sound, 11 min
Produced by RXYX.
With the generous support of the Stichting Stokroos , and the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst AFK.


In the outskirts of Jerusalem, standing on the edge of the Green Line, with an Israeli settlement in the background, and over the ruins of a small Palestinian village, this film begins by attributing to paper a poetic -almost magical- function. Paper is the support of the written word, the one related to the memory, as well as to the law of Man and to the law of God.

It Never Pours but It Rains is composed by a flow of images that intertwine a performance with a happening. The first is an evocation of paper as the law, as a tyrant power oppressing a group of people, from whom a powerful -almost impossible- body gesture is asked to get redeemed. While in the second, paper is evoked as a fragile piece of memory resisting the disappearance. In this action, a sheet of paper is left on a random sidewalk in Tel Aviv, while water drops make slowly vanishing the name of a Palestinian village massacred during the Nakba (al-Dawayima).

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Teaser 4 min. Full version on request.
2019, video, HDV, 16:9, color, 19’ 48’’.
Produced by RXYX.
With the generous support of the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst AFK.


With belief and hopefulness in the progress, certain human and mechanical gestures join a precarious process of modernisation. Despite the useless of their actions, that process is seen as an epic journey, as an exciting anthropocentric adventure that transforms simultaneously the territory and ourselves.

Under the form of a visual essay, Entropía Limeña (Lima Entropy) evokes a flow of contradictions in which the city and the landscape are spaces in constant transformation and in permanent evolution. In the context of the late awakening of a city to the vertical line, this vision defines the territory as a theater of choreographies that is fed by the human effort. Body gestures are the raw material of the change and the transformation of the world.

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2014, video, HDV, 16:9, color, sound, 23 min.